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About Liz

An experienced and understanding marriage celebrant.

I grew up in the Northern Rivers of NSW, the Rainbow Region, where all walks of life come to live, work and play. I am a mother, partner, daughter, sister, aunty and friend.


I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and experience adventures in all corners of the globe. The one thing I know to be constant and true not matter where you live or what dialect you speak, is that love is a universal language.


I believe a strong marriage is created through love, open communication, equality, kindness toward each other and mutual respect.


Having worked in the wedding industry for over 10 years, I strongly believe the ceremony sets the tone for your big or quiet day.  The structure, pace and tone should feel authentic and a clear representation of your relationship. 

That may be a traditional ceremony with a love story and sentimental vows or a quickie ceremony with just a sprinkle of something personal.


Getting married is about making a public declaration of your commitment to one another. Let me do the ‘work’ so you can enjoy every minute of it.

Stunning ceremony at the Serpentine Ballina
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